Touch to Talk Technology

Touch to Talk Technology

A fully integrated COVID proof Communications & Care Planning Platform developed specifically for the elderly.

Key Features

Touch To Talk Technology

To assist the cognitive impaired and technophobic users one touch video and audio calls to nominated Friends family GP and nurses auto answer.

Emergency Monitoring

Critical patient movement alerts including fall or trip alarm.

Full Entertainment & Media Center

Ernie connects allows users to compile a bespoke media gallery with TV, Radio, Weather, Music, Films, Live Streams and Alzheimer’s apps.

Using our innovative unique Touch to Talk GDPR compliant technology.

We are able to connect residents to relatives or relatives to residents in three rings auto answer mode (to residents).

For £1 a day including a brand new Samsung tablet.

This is COVID proof, 24/7 communication with zero cost to call.

Included free in this innovative technology, is a full suite of entertainment access to terrestrial television, Netflix, photo gallery, family photo uploads and access to social media Facebook & Instagram etc. A 24 hour fall/movement alert monitoring system.

Available at the Apple Store and Google Play Store