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Ernie Connects has been developed to bridge the gap between Residents and their relatives, friends and medical professionals.
Dedicated tablet for every resident.
Simple home screen, identify the photo of the person to be called and touch it to connect an immediate video call. This comforts the resident and prevents the three plagues of loneliness, boredom and helplessness. Providing life satisfaction and comfort
Video link to medical professionals provides immediate connection for the appointment. Provides face to face communication, not mask to mask. Can be joined with PoA for medical interventions.
Family connections at any time and anywhere. Photo and video uploads. Video links, virtual guesting. Stimulates the user and prevents loneliness and boredom.
Extensive Entertainment section with Alzheimer’s friendly extensive entertainment section. TV, Film, Radio, Music, Books, News Feeds. Defeats loneliness, boredom and helplessness supporting mental wellbeing and social inclusion.
Internal Nurse call for medical help and assistance when needed. Speeds up care and helps the carers provide more efficient care.

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See How Ernie Connects Works

Using our innovative unique Touch to Talk GDPR compliant technology.

We are able to connect residents to relatives or relatives to residents in three rings auto answer mode (to residents).

For £1 a day including a brand new Samsung tablet.

This is COVID proof, 24/7 communication with zero cost to call.

Included free in this innovative technology, is a full suite of entertainment access to terrestrial television, Netflix, photo gallery, family photo uploads and access to social media Facebook & Instagram etc. A 24 hour fall/movement alert monitoring system.

Available at the Apple Store and Google Play Store