How can technology design be made more inclusive?

Inclusivity in health and social care

One particular industry that’s been notable for improving inclusivity of technology design is health and social care. Stuart Solomons, founder of Ernie Connects, explained: “In health and social care settings, you have people with a wide range of disabilities and conditions. Designing technology that is suitable for all is extremely difficult, but not impossible.

“For instance, there are companies out there developing person-centred devices that can be tailored specifically to the user. If they have sight impairments, text appears bigger. If they have hearing impairments, the sound is louder. Even residents/patients with cognitive conditions such as dementia can utilise technology built for them, being interactive and connecting them to loved ones through touch-to-talk video and audio features.

“Ultimately, inclusive technology is the preferred technology and is key to standing out against competitors.”

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